Bridge Mounted Camera

A self-sufficient waste monitoring camera.

Our Bridge Mounted Camera works as a standalone solar-powered unit that efficiently keeps track of whatever is flowing down a river. It is a robust, sturdy and energy-efficient build aiming at real-time tracking of riverine debris with on-board vision processors.

Waste Tracking

Vision algorithms for the identification of floating waste.

These advanced tools are designed to identify and track trash objects, aiding in cleaner waterways and healthier ecosystems. Our mission is to leverage the acquired data in the fight against pollution, making our rivers cleaner and safer for generations to come.

Pollution Mapping

Crowd-sourced river monitoring.

Gathering data with cameras is only one option to asses the pollution degree. With information boards on bridges and the involvement of citizens, just using their smartphones, we collectively accumulate not only more but also diversified statistics for waste assessments.
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