Meet the Team

We are 33 and growing!

Team Leadership

Team Lead

Fidel Esquivel 

Testing Lead

Joachim Schaeffer

Team Lead

Ariane Gubser

Technical Lead

Hendrik Kolvenbach

Waste Accumulation

M.Sc. Student Mech. Engineerng

Frédéric Baumann

Subteam Lead

Adrian Ensmenger

B.Sc. Student

William Ericson

B.Sc. Student

Carlo Fischer

M.Sc. Student Civil Engieering

Cyril Monney

Waste Retrieval and Sorting

Vessel Lead

Maurin Beeli

M.Sc. Student

Dominic Marti

M.Sc. Student Electrical Engineering

Niklaus Haberthür

B.Sc. Student

Finn Graf

B.Sc. Student

Nadia Jensen

B.Sc. Student

Nic Gerber

Subteam Lead

Stefan Widmer

Waste Analysis & Informatics

Subteam Lead

Paulin Raison

B.Sc. Student 

Senthuran Kalananthan

B.Sc. Student

Xenia Voellmy

B.Sc. Student

Lanzelot Moll


Head of Robotics Systems Lab

Prof. Dr. Marco Hutter

Institute for Fluid Dynamics

Prof. Dr. Filippo Coletti


Prof. Dr. Eleni Chatzi


Dr. Isabella Schalko

Ph.D. Student RSL

Martin Wermellinger

Ph.D. Student RSL

Fabian Tischhauser

Ph.D. Student RSL

Eris Sako

Student Coach

Philip Arm

Postdoctoral Researcher ASL

Nicholas Lawrence

Ph.D. Student CVG

Luca Cavalli

Ph.D. Student CVG

Rémi Pautrat

Engineer, RSL

Konrad Meyer

Engineer, RSL

Lennard Nachtigall

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