Our Research

Dario Strübin, Xenia Voellmy - Master Thesis
Classification of Riverine Waste using Simulated Data
Autumn 2022

Benjamin Kaiwen Sun - Master Thesis
Towards Robotic Waste Sorting Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
Autumn 2022

Lars Andrea del Bubba - Semester Thesis
Field-deployment of a Waste Analysis Station
Autumn 2022

Marco Hauswirth - Semester Thesis
Design of an Efficient River-Waste-Quantification System using Classic Computer Vision Techniques
Autumn 2022

Nicola Burger - Semester Thesis
Image-Based Weight Estimation for Waste Items
Autumn 2022

Emre Elbir - Semester Thesis
Development of a Vacuum Suction Cup Gripper for Robotic Sorting of Riverine Waste
Autumn 2022

Philipp Ott, Friedrich Mittenzwei - Bachelor Thesis
Entwicklung einer Vorsortiereinheit und einer autarken Energiequelle für ein autonomes Fluss-Reinigungs-System
Spring 2022

Marcel Bachmann - Bachelor Thesis
Development & Design of a fully-integrated conveying and sorting stage for cleaning up rivers
Spring 2022

Tizian Jermann - Master Thesis
Maximising Multi-Robot Waste Removal using RL
Spring 2022

Nicolas Stillhard - Bachelor Thesis
Development and Design of a Plastic Waste Collection Station
Spring 2022

Joël Habersatter - Master Thesis
The Bottlespotter - Design of a River Waste Quantification
Spring 2022

Liudi Yang - Semester Thesis
Refined detection and classification for trash sorting
Autumn 2021

Tom Felder - Semester Thesis
Design of a Gripper for Autonomous Sorting of Riverine Waste
Autumn 2021

Senthuran Kalananthan - Bachelor Thesis
Bridge-Mounted Detection of Plastic Waste Quantification using Cameras
Spring 2021

Xenia Voellmy - Semester Thesis
Detection of Underwater Particles using Visual Sonar
Spring 2021

Fidel Esquivel Estay - Master Thesis
Development of an Autonomous Robotic Sorting System for Processing Riverine Trash
Spring 2021

Adrian Ensmenger - Master Thesis
Bubble Barrier - From Laboratory to Field
Spring 2021

Dominic Marti - Semester Thesis
Development of a Lightweight Actuation Unit for a Two-Finger Gripper
Spring 2021

Carlo Fischer - Bachelor Thesis
Hydrofoil Structural Design for Plastic Debris Deflection in Rivers
Spring 2021

William Ericson - Semester Thesis
Hydrofoil for Particle Flow Shaping - Continuation Study
Spring 2021

Maurin Beeli - Master Thesis
Development and Design of a Plastic-Sorting River Cleanup Vessel
Spring 2021

Fabio Bazzi - Study on Mechatronics
Underwater sensing systems for detecting underwater debris for the ARC-Project
Autumn 2020

Fidel Esquivel Estay - Semester Thesis
Detection and Classification of Riverine Plastic Waste
Autumn 2020

Giorgio Panelli - Semester Thesis
Hydrofoil for Deviation of Floating Particles
Autumn 2020

Frédéric Baumann - Semester Thesis
Analysis of Bubble Curtains for Flow Shaping
Autumn 2020

Niklaus Haberthür - Semester Thesis
Power System Design for a River Cleanup Vessel
Spring 2020

Maurin Beeli - Semester Thesis
Conceptual Design of a System to Extract, Identify and Sort Waste from a River
Spring 2020


Explore student theses on robotics and sensor tech for environmental cleanup, detailing multi-robot coordination, underwater debris detection, and river waste sorting systems.

White papers

In our white papers, our experts share their knowledge on challenges, opportunities, and solutions related to robotics, machine vision, trash detection and sorting.

Dataset and Analysis of River Waste Pollution in the Limmat River, CH, during a One-day City Festival (Zurich Street Parade, 2023)

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