The Autonomous River Cleanup (ARC) project is a student project at the Robotic Systems Lab. We started our work by tackling plastic waste in rivers and continuously expanded to new fields. Our goal is to reduce waste disposal in nature with the help of robotics and machine learning. We work closely with our industrial partners and several European universities. Our team mainly consists of volunteers and students. Experienced researchers from various institutions supervise the scientific work.


We develop technology to create a positive environmental impact and to train the next generation of leaders for sustainable development.
We achieve this by incorporating state-of-the-art sensing, AI and robotics into the process to unlock the value of waste. We seek provide accurate estimates of pollution in nature to encourage policy makers and industry leaders to take action against pollution.

Affiliated Startups

UpCircle is a cleantech startup at ETH Zurich that is revolutionizing the waste industry by digitizing waste streams.
By leveraging advanced AI technology, we provide insights and process information which transforms waste into valuable resources.
With our cutting-edge solutions and commitment to sustainability, UpCircle is paving the way towards a circular future.
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