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Who we are

The Autonomous River Cleanup (ARC) project is a student project at the Robotic Systems Lab. We started our work by tackling plastic waste in rivers and continuously expanded to new fields. Our goal is to reduce waste disposal in nature with the help of robotics and machine learning. We work closely with our industrial partners and several European universities. Our team mainly consists of volunteers and students conducting a research project. Experienced researchers from various institutions supervise the scientific work.

Our Mission

The mission of the Autonomous River Cleanup (ARC) project is to use technology, robotics, and automation, to maximize the impact of plastic removal from rivers. We are developing a system that is able to reduce river-bound plastic waste significantly, acting as a viable solution to the world-wide plastic pollution epidemic.

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We are 35 and growing!
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Our Projects

Our work spans over river waste accumulation, retrieval, sorting and analysis

Waste Accumulation

Accumulating floating waste to a single point for collection is one of the biggest challenges in waste retrieval today. The ARC project is constantly exploring the latest techniques and scientific literature to guide the flow of particles as they move downstream. 

Waste Collection

We are developing the autonomous trash collection vessel. The vessel integrates all subsystems to provide a single and scalable solution to the river pollution problem. Customizable to any river size, this solution aims to tackle river pollution from the root cause. 

AI Powered Waste Analysis and Sorting

We deal with plastic debris recognition, quantification and handling. Once the waste is collected, a great challenge is to understand what to do with it. We provide a robust method for debris quantification which allows for better handling and disposal. We achieve this by the use of state-of-the-art sensing technology combined with custom-built Artificial Intelligence methods.  
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