Waste Classification

Vision powered waste analytics.

Our cutting-edge technology for waste sorting and monitoring features a swift, resilient, and precise waste classification. This dynamic unit can discern materials, grades, colors, brands, or even purity levels based on the specific needs. Our vision-based machine learning solutions provide the necessary accuracy and adaptability for such complex tasks.

Waste Analysis Station

A compact unit dedicated to the analysis of waste streams.

Our Waste Analysis Station is a compact, all-in-one data collection tool. Outfitted with integrated sensors, vision processors, and communication features, this device is the perfect tool for gathering valuable data. It was strategically placed at Schneider Umweltservice's recycling facility, providing us with critical insights into recycling streams and helping us optimize our vision algorithms.

Synthetic Data

Scalable municipal solid waste data sets.

Training vision algorithms effectively demands substantial data, but supervised machine learning faces the hurdle of expensive labeling. Synthetic data sets provide a solution, reducing manual labor and costs, while boosting efficiency.
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