Research platform is deployed in the Limmat!

June. 2021

Research platform is built!

May. 2021

Autonomous river waste vessel Master Thesis is Concluded

April. 2021

Submitted official request for Testing in Limmat

Mar. 2021

Development of research platform for limmat testing

Mar. 2021

Renewed cooperation with RSL, ASL, VAW, IFD. with 7 new academic projects
Semester Projects:
Development of a novel actuator for autonomous waste gripping.
Underwater detection of plastic waste

Master Thesis:
Structural design of Hydrofoils for River Installation (Limmat)
Development of a bubble curtain for River Installation (Limmat)
Motion planning and Control for Autonomous waster sorting with Robotic Arm.

Bachelor Thesis:
Bridge-mounted detection and quantification of riverine plastic waste

Feb. 2021

Got our floating boom from city of Zürich!

Jan. 2021

Presented findings of student projects

Jan. 2021

Developed testing plans for prototype testing in the Limmat.

Dec. 2020

Cooperation with RSL, ASL, IFD labs at ETH. Launched 7 new projects
Semester Projects:
- Hydrofoil for particle flow shaping
- Design of power system for river cleaning
- Design and implementation of gripper for autonomous sorting
- Detection and classification of plastic waste for autonomous waste sorting
- Analysis of bubble curtains for flow shaping

Master Thesis:
- Development and design of an autonomous river cleaning vessel

Study of Mechatronics:

- Underwater Plastic Monitoring

Aug. 2020

Launched Sensing, Concentration and Vessel teams

Aug. 2020

Created ARC Report

May 2020

Cooperation with RSL for Vessel Design
Semester project:
Conceptual design of a system to extract, identify and sort waste from a river

Mar. 2020

Design Sprint in Hard, Austria

Feb. 2020

Sponsored by Ecolymer

Nov. 2019

The Arc Project is born

Oct. 2019

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